Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brian Sparks

Next two weeks, female model

Our model for the 21st and the 28th of June will be Margarie Driver.
July 5th will be Amy Strickland for the first Tuesday of the month in a costume.
The 12th will be male model Anders. The last two weeks we welcome back Jessica.

Jessica, if you are reading this, bring your lotion, we have some that would like to purchase it.

Justine pastel on sanded paper



Erin 's work from model Anders last week.

Conte crayon on toned paper.

Charles Black's work from costume night

This great work of Charles' was from our model Amy Strickland. We are fortunate to have her the first Tuesday of each month. We never know how she will show up but it's always inspirational.

Charles Black

Charles Black graphite on toned paper. This was our model Anders last week using a broom as a prop.
This wonderful drawing was done by David Baird. He has been studying with many famous artists and now is back in Birmingham visiting for a time. Sorry about my blur. Hopefully, I will get a clear shot next time.